Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Swedish Flair

The reason why I love the Swedish/Gustavian style so much is because of the versatility.  It fits perfectly with just about any style, due to Sweden's geographical extremes.

I love this California bungalow.  I know I have placed a couple of these pictures early on in my blog, but I love the Swedish Charm.

I'm sold!!!  This is the cutest nursery ever!

What a darling little boy's room.  These two rooms are so soft and earthy.


If you have an ugly wood floor, paint it!  It creates a fresh soft room.

If you love Swedish interiors I recommend getting Rhonda Eleish and Edie Van Breems' books:  Swedish Interiors and Swedish Country Interiors


  1. Calm environments,very nice images.Thank you for show them,


  2. ...for meit is perfect....I love the gustavian style is my dream..¡¡¡¡ Berta

  3. Dear Desireé,
    We probably have the same style! I love the Swedish and the French style and they go so well together!

  4. Hi Desireé,
    I've just discovered your beautiful blog and become your newest follower. I too love country french and gustavian styles as I find them so homey, inviting and comfy...
    Congrats on the choice of your pics - all so stunning and inspiring.
    Now that I've found you I'll be visiting often as I do not want to miss your next posts.
    I adore shabby chic and vintage home decor, flea markets, antiques, old linens and laces and have a weakness for china: I adore English red transferware and mismatched teasts.
    If you have a chance, pop over my blog for nice chat over these gorgeous things while sipping a warm cup of tea. I'll be delighted to show you my little blog world.
    Until then,
    warm wishes all the way from rainy Italy

  5. so pretty... i just love it all... and your blog is fabulous... have a great week... x pam

  6. I love french style , and swedish matches perfectly with it

  7. I have the same opinion I like Swedish style because of the versatility of their designs I'd like to get all my house like that.

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  9. These pictures are exquisite. The rooms look like they belong in a movie or television show with great design.

  10. This is so elegant. If you choose this type of style you definitely cannot have children enter the room.

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