Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summers In France

Thanks to my dear friend Michele with Hello Lovely Inc, I was able to come across one of my all-time favorite books called Summers In France!
If you are into the charm of the French country side - you will love this charming book by Kathryn M. Ireland!  Kathryn brings a tumbled down farm/farmhouse glamorously back to to life, adding the perfect hints of bohemian country style!
What's so unique about this book is its relation to a personal scrapbook.  Kathryn celebrates summer living and entertaining in the French countryside.  Nothing seems more charming to me than the beautiful, fun-filled Kathy and her vision of Summers In France!

I highly recommend this book and also go check out Michele's blog - she's always cutting edge when it comes to interior design and lifestyle!


  1. Looks like one Of those must-haves books,I have to add it on my "must-have-books-list"....wich is pretty Long now;) Do you have a link to your friend Micheles blog,would be fun to see:)
    Love the french style!

  2. It's probably hard to see - all you need to do is click on her name and it will link you there!

  3. What I wouldn't give to spend a Summer in France!

  4. Sooooo lovely..what a thrill it would be to see such an amazing place. All the best,Chrissy

  5. how did i miss this, my lovely!

    i'm so glad you love the book like i do. it's a must own for dreamers and french farmhouse romantics!


    p.s. how much do we love the sound of TUMBLEDOWN CHIC?????

  6. Hey I just found you and I hope you can add a Digg Reader button to your page, I keep forgetting to read people who aren't on my Digg reader. great book, off to library this afternoon and will def find it



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