Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Textures of Imagination...

These soothing colors with layered hints of turquoise are so dreamy.
I think when we use the monochromatic shades of black, white, and gray - they can lack that punch of strong color.  How these rooms are layered with their yummy monochromatic colors and hints of blues, greens and purples is soft, soothing and timeless!

all images via Aura by Tracie Ellis & 79 Ideas

Don't you love a non-fussy room?


  1. so beautiful, so inspiring colours and a timless linen - lovely

  2. I always love anything that isn't cluttered and love the slight punch of color. Never thought I would say this but loving the purple mixed in with the grays.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. As always...I loved them all. Thank you for always making the dreamer in us come alive. These are beautiful!

  4. want those old lockers! love how they are softened by the just right shade of blue/grey and remain so functional!

    have a wonderful mid week, lovely lady.


  5. Who would have thought that lockers looked so pretty in that room, with the right paint and light? I own so many papers [sigh] even after a thorough sorting. Where do you keep your paper archive? I'm using now my nephew's toy wooden box.
    Thanks for sharing.



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