Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage Simplicity...

I have to say - hands down my favorite combinations right now are shimmering tones of metallic finishes such as silver, crystal, steel, zinc and glass combined with a neutral elegance.  
I just love the glow next to the rawness of crusty, chalky white and gray tones.  
This look works perfectly for Scandinavian or French country interiors:

all images via Habitania Work Rooms

"Metallic finishes will reflect light and bring life to matte surfaces.   I love creating layers of interesting textures and often use steely dark grays and jet black mixed with delicate, dirty off-white to create smart, flattering spaces."  Dominique Kieffer

... So dreamy!


  1. Beautiful house!!! I like it very much!!!

  2. Just FaB "SHaBBy Pics"...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  3. Gorgeous - I would love to have a second home in this style - it just looks so loved and full of warmth to me! Thanks so much for sharing and hope you have a fantastic weekend. - Jalon

  4. I just love the rustic worn pieces paired with the sparkle of a chandelier :)

  5. GREAT PICS:)I really like your much nice inspiration.
    I wish you a lovely weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

  6. It's a shame you can only get that finish from time it's gorgeous!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. and that pink ribbon hanging from the aged key...kill me now. i just put a new finish on my dining room hutch. it looks rustic and chippy, but i also gave it a soap treatment so it is velvety to the touch. not tryin to fool anybody--just needed room for change!

    lovely lovely all around here.


  8. J'aime !
    Beau dimanche

  9. My first post on your blog and really it is just to say thanks for your Nice Post And Shairing
    You always pick such interesting i visit your blog regularly for updates!
    Loved your description of it.
    Thank you for picking this one.



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