Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Have you ever spent time with someone or something that seemed effortless?
... being true to who we are and not forcing nor defining is what I call effortless.
Life's too short not to be authentic!


  1. Your posts always inspire and calm me. Thank you xo

  2. i know this effortless described here, and it's the only way to BE because it is in resting in stillness that we come to know the divine love waiting in that space. what a relief that we may stop doing, achieving, earning, and succeeding. that we don't have to hustle at all for our worthiness. because our authentic selves are wholly loved without any doing of our own. peace to you and thanks for these artful images to be moved by.

  3. I love the promise of magic and beauty wrapped up in those bolts of fabric.

  4. Beautiful artful images! Great post. Thanks for inspiring!

  5. Thank you for the useful information you are giving us a worthy piece of info which I want to see more.

  6. Love that stone bricked wall and its soft wash of colour and the bolts of fabrics. Every photo here touches a sense of wonderment in recreating this in my home, or adding a piece or too into my home.
    Love the bowls with the pin stripping and the first photo with the zen like stone beads.

    See you soon.


  7. I don't understand the quote, but I love your photos with beautiful designs and impressive visions.

  8. Great post! Wonderful photos. Thank you for inspiring!



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