Monday, April 11, 2016

Arriving Spring...

"I have learned the pace of nature, her secret is patience.  Knowing one day my roses will grow, shrubs will bloom, and flower petals will fall on the sun-drenched gravel."
                                                                 - Rachel Ashwell


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  2. Every photo has captivated my imagination, simply breathtaking.

  3. Oh yes, this visit is so me!
    Love every inspiring photo, and could see myself living in each photo.
    The mantel makes me want to run right out and recreate this feel :)

    Thank you for increditabl inspiration.


  4. a beautiful mood you have created here...seems to me to be a nod to slow living. is there anything quite like the slow pace where we can hear our own thoughts and remember to breathe? i think not. peace to you, lovely maker.

  5. Soothing, inspiring, loving atmosphere.
    With love from Doina

  6. Quite an interesting spring décor. Thanks for sharing photos here. I too have to host a grand party for my parents next month but not able to find any good inexpensive party venues in Chicago. Hoping to find one soon.

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