Thursday, February 14, 2019

This Is Home...

If any of you are looking for a beautiful book, you need to get the book This Is Home!!!

It teaches you of the art of simple living.  That all of our homes are a reflection of what is inside of us, and they should feel like us!!  Our homes are gifts - not only for ourselves, but to others and should be shared.  What would the world be like if we didn't share with others?  We all have something very special to offer, and each one of us is unique!!

Love this quote out of the book:
"There are few words as evocative as 'home'.  It conjures visions of our ideal sanctuary.  A happy place, filled with beauty, harmony and love.  We tell ourselves that if we could just make it perfect, whatever we take that to mean, then life would be so too.  But it's a misnomer, of course.  A home is more vital and nuanced than that.  It is a work in progress, reflecting and adapting to the changes in our lives.  If we think of our home as ever-evolving, mistakes are nothing to fear.  They are how we learn and improve, and they become part of the stories that help to make our home authentic."

Is this not symbolic of life in general?  Faith and fear cannot co-exist!  Fear is a Liar!  Be true to who you are and create a life worth living!

'Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.'

                                                                          Carl Jung


  1. Hello Darling Desiree....

    Time to catch up to you. I am living in Minneapolis now and still working. Think of you often. Love to hear from you. Best, Bonnie

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  4. Yes! If we shift our perspective a bit and imagine home as an evolving entity - there is no danger of making mistakes. It is what wabi sabi teaches so well - everything is transient and fading. Surely it's why so many of us are drawn to timeworn, faded, threadbare objects...because within them is this secret of home. :) Peace to you and yours, friend.

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