Saturday, February 21, 2009

Provence, unique, fascinating, timeless

Provence is unique, fascinating and timeless. This is where the 'The good life' comes easy. I love how enchanting it is in its own intimate charm. Homes are beautifully restored with new surprises reinterpreting its past. Maisons Cote Sud through their books and magazines capture the beauty of Provence. I collect them all!

'These houses reveal harmonious stairways and rooms where the old Provencal way of life under its kings is almost intact. And all that silence, those proportions, those handsome, hidden rooms, suited to a life of study, even idleness, should one choose it, exude order; the wisdom of lives in balance.'
-Andre Saures

I love this room; it looks so cozy even though the floor is terracotta. Linen sofas arranged in a sociable way accentuate the beautiful chandelier suspended in the middle of the room. Eye candy!

Can I just say "PERFECTION!" loving the terracotta. Terracotta, locally in Provence are known as 'malouns.' They are the most popular form of flooring in Provencal houses. They are cool, hardwearing and easy to wash. What is it about linen, it goes with everything! I love how the two balance each other. And those can only dream.

I love the pale matt tones of this room; Gustavian chairs and Provencal sideboards create a restful mood in this perfect sitting room.

These two pictures are a perfect example of how Gustavian and French decor compliment each other. What a cool idea to cover a Swedish Rococo bench, it softens the whole room while at the same time boldly combines past and present. Yum!

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