Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is Gustavain?

Gustavian is a genre of style, named after Sweden's King Gustav III. The style is clean and elegant with neoclassical detailing. The style evolved from the court of Louise XVI and was brought back to Sweden by Gustav III and his architects. I love this look! 18th century French decor can be too extreme in the Rococo arena; a little goes a long way. Mixing these two styles are a perfect fuse between art and nature; they carry tones that not only sooth my soul, but bring balance and peace to a home.


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  2. Desiree

    I have just come across your's so wonderful to come across some one who is as nutty about this style as I am...
    I have book marked your blog and will be back weekly if not daily...

  3. Gorgeous! just found your blog love it! lulu

  4. Love love love Gustavian. Wish there was more of it around to choose from!



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