Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exquisite interiors

I can't get over these beautiful steel windows; I think there is a door built into the window as well.  I'm still torn between wood casings and the simplicity of the steel.  I guess if one decides to use steel windows, they could play up the beams and door casings to balance the two.

I love this kitchen!  I love it so much I did the same marble in my own kitchen with the same thickness.  I wish I had those vintage wooden and metal whisks, it adds the perfect balance of industrial flair.  So fun and creative!!

Those of you who want a soft and simple bathroom...well here you go.  All you would have to do is paint an old piece of furniture and let your plumbers do the rest.

As you can tell I love painted pieces of furniture!  I have a sister-in-law who finds old and odd furniture pieces and paints them soft blues/greens, gray/chalky white washes, and they turn out amazing!  She basically turns trash into treasure.

If you don't like the color... paint it up!  It will actually open up the room more.  I love this color next to the rock wall texture.

Notice the diamonds in the cabinets and how they carry the room.  Sometimes the smallest detail adds so much interest, and that light fixture is perfection...who needs a shade?

I came across this picture and was taken!  I can't believe the cobblestone floor and the limestone stairs.  I love the simple handrail.  The two elements balance each other perfectly.

Here is another similar railing with a little more detailing which is needed since everything is so simple.  I have a hard time when I walk into a home and there is so much coming at you, it almost gives me a headache.  To me less is always more.

Another angle of the previous room; it's so intriguing!!
I highly recommend getting the book "French Country Living."  Caroline Clifton-Mogg has compiled the most beautiful pictures of homes in Provence.


  1. Desiree,
    I love steel windows! Here in Belgium you can notice them in a lot of homes now!
    And the painted furniture is gorgeous! So French!!
    Great post!

  2. So so beautiful ! have a great week !



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