Monday, January 18, 2010

The Perfect Lantern

When I build a home or when I walk through a home, the first thing I look at are the light fixtures!  I guess you could call me a light fixture snob.  Light fixtures finish off a home, and if you leave no money at the end of a project for your light fixtures...big mistake!!!

So if you're building or re-modeling a home, I recommend playing up your light fixtures as much as your budget will allow!  I promise you'll never regret.

While I was building my last house I came across the website "Authentic Provence."  Here they have the most beautiful lanterns I have ever seen and I wanted to share them with you.

These lanterns add so much to this kitchen.  Lanterns are so versatile...they go with everything!  Check out "Authentic Provence,"  you'll have so much fun!!!


  1. Desireé,
    You are like me! I always look at the lighting when I enter a house! And not only at the inside but even on the outside!
    I love beautiful lighting and too me the rightlighting is soooooo important!

  2. Greet you are awesome!!! It is fun having someone I can relate're my cup of tea! I love hearing your comments, they mean a lot!

    lots of love

    Desiree Ashworth

  3. Dez I LOVE this blog! I want all the turquoise ones! We should really start designing some. People need your flavor in their homes! By the way thanks for commenting on my blog! haha esp the Rock climbing one. Best compliment Ive ever had! Love you!! Love dal dal

  4. Hi Desiree. I get the same 'thrill' when I find a wonderful blog, as I do when I find a treasure for my home, and that's how I felt when I stumbled across your blog this morning. So happy to be following you.Love the lanterns btw.


  5. Thanks for posting this ... perhaps it will be searched out and found by companies looking to fill web analytics roles. I agree with your descriptions :)




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