Saturday, April 17, 2010

Want to see some fun beach homes?

I just returned home from Newport, California and wanted to share some fun architecture in this area.
Here are some homes in Corona del Mar:

My Dad would love this home!  My parents are obsessed with anything arts and crafts/bungalow style. Every piece of furniture they own is 'Stickley'... I can't blame them, it's beautiful furniture!

I had to add this charming home.  I couldn't get over the funny gnome hanging from the tree.

The curb appeal of this home is so charming with its fun shutters!

I had to end with my favorite home in this particular neighborhood.  Look at the beautiful reclaimed wood used for the garage doors, front door and beam structures!  
I drove past this home at night to get a peek of the inside through that beautiful French door and it was breathtaking!  This home is so dreamy!!

I will have some more fun pictures in a couple of days!


  1. i love these homes!!! arts and crafts is my favorite style. you guys have the best taste!

  2. Oh these homes are gorgeous! I adore that grey one with the turret room on the's always been my dream to have a house with a turret. As a little girl I wanted a bedroom that was either in an attic or a turret (or the attic level of a turret!) Thanks so much for sharing!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    Hope Ava

  3. All of the homes you chose are really, really lovely! The architecture and style makes me want to move to Corona del Mar. Unfortunately, it is on the other side of the world, so I will just have to admire your beautiful images. Thank you for sharing them. Tammy

  4. I am sitting on a plane on the way there as I type... thanks for the sneak peek!! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

  5. Yes please! I want to live in each every one of these houses. Looks like a beautiful and fun trip!

  6. Oh my heaven! I love those homes. I loved the one with the wooden pillars in the front. where did they find those!? LOVe you DEz!! Your sister Dal dal

  7. Oh my gosh, LOVE all of them!!! Thanks so much for sharing all the fun!

  8. Love them all! Love the garage doors on the last house!

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