Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lake house Favorites!

I just got back from one of the best vacations!
Once a year my whole family takes a trip to Flat Head Lake, located in Montana! 
I grew up in St. Ignatius, MT and moved to Provo, UT at the age of nine.
My father and his family are from Montana, so we all get the privilege of hanging out on the beautiful Flat Head Lake with the best relatives in the world... seriously!!  
We swim, boat, laugh and eat... my favorite things to do in the whole world, especially with people I love!
Every time we go there, my husband and I are always looking for the best piece of property to build a charming lake home.
Searching the internet I came across beautiful rooms that inspire the perfect lake house:  













Look familiar?  Wendy Young's take on the "It's Complicated" kitchen!
I love this....

Which image best describes your lake house?


  1. I love #1!! Hope you get to build your dream lake house one day! xo

  2. I used to go every summer to Flathead Lake to visit my grandparents! Very cold water!
    Love all the pictures! Nothing like I knew! My grandparents had a triple wide mobile home! LOL


  3. We dream of building or remodeling a lake house one day too. # 8 image has always been a favorite of mine. I think the rustic cottage look is great for a lake house because you can come in wet and dirty from the lake and not have to worry that you are going to ruin the floors and the fabrics. It seems very functional and welcoming.

  4. love this entire post, desiree!

    MT is a special place. we have lots of family in Bozeman, and i write frequently for Montana Parent.

    the dreaming phase of a project is so magical (and i actually enjoy the construction phase too).

    best to you.


  5. I agree with you! Flathead Lake is beautiful. My family used to own a B&B in Big Fork, and I lived in St. Ignatius for a time when I was little as well. My whole family is from there as well. God's country for sure, the Big Sky. :)

    Thanks for bringing back some awesome memories.

    Sheila in Oregon

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