Monday, August 30, 2010

A Whitewashed California Beach House!

Carolyn Espley-Miller designed this beautiful beach home in California!
Many of you know I'm obsessed with the clean, soft look of white.
White creates the perfect pallet foundation for cape cod, Gustavian/Swedish, French and Belgian decor.
Thanks to House Beautiful, we're able to enjoy this perfect dreamy beach home!

... notice how Carolyn incorporates the feel of a cafe' in Paris

Such a simple but beautiful entryway!  The little details pop!

... It's all in the details!

This bedroom mantel is made from a wooden French window frame from Lucca antiques.
... incredible!

Notice the barn doors with their original seafoam color make up the bed's headboard.

Nothing I love more than large comfy sofas and vintage dhurrie rugs!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


  1. Love the bedroom and the office space w/ those views!!! xo

  2. I can't imagine being able to walk into every room in my home and think "perfect". I could if this was my home!

  3. Just dreamy! So calm and serene. Just love it!

    1 September 2010

  4. I love it all! The living room is beyond fabulous though!!!!

  5. I wish I had a beach house to do up! It would be such fun,not to mention the joy of going to the beach.

  6. LOVING your blog... wonderful... xx pam

  7. What a gorgeous home!!!! The living room is divine...the whole house is actually! LOL

  8. i think my favorite is those barn doors behind the bed--that's clever and going on the list for my dream house. thanks for sharing, D.


  9. Dear Desiree
    Thank you so much for your lovely post on my beach house! I'm so pleased that you liked it :)
    And many thanks to your readers, as well, for their comments!


  10. I'm also obsessed with white, clean and chic rooms! These indeed suit beach houses or houses in a sunny place. But if you just want a beach-inspired home, you can apply these fantastic design ideas!

  11. Omgosh that is so beautiful. So many lovely ideas. And you were so right... the details, just perfect. I could live there in a flash. Fiona

  12. Love the light - the way the room captures the sun. Lovely throughout!

  13. Wow, for me the best feature of this house is the location. Who would not want to wake up in the morning and smell the ocean breeze, and retreat in the afternoon while watching the sun set? Anyway, the home design is just so calming and refreshing. White colors in fact work well in areas where the sun can be openly received inside the home. Thank you for sharing.

  14. What a wonderful home! It is beautiful, what I love most about these photos were actually the cabinets. These cabinets are just to die for. Their worn out look compliments everything about the house and even the water. What a wonderful share!

  15. Such inspiring pictures. Anyone looking at them would love to have a beach house of their own. Some of the styles featured here aren't even inspired by nautical themes but they look beautiful all the same. Having a beach house is really worth the investment for anyone!

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