Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alice Lane Home Collection!

A couple of years ago a fabulous store by the name of Alice Lane Home Collection opened up in Orem, Ut.  We needed this store so desperately in our valley!  Many families are now able to have cutting-edge decor thanks to the vision of Jessica Bennett!
I was lucky enough to have this amazing women stage my basement for our open house.  I was blown away by the transformation!!!  Our basement finally felt like home!  Below are some before and after images of Jessica's creation!  I highly recommend checking out this spectacular store!

all images are taken by Nicole Hill Gerulat

... I would love to read your thoughts on what you think?

Have a wonderful week!


  1. That transformation was perfection! Your basement is huge and I love the beams.

  2. Wow dez I thought that was all your stuff. Im so out of it. It looked incredible! Especially the human size portrait of Versailles. LOVE IT!

  3. That is your basement? WOW! The transformation is amazing!

  4. Fantastic...I am sending my design challenged sister to this shop immediately.

  5. Wow! It is absolutely gorgeous! Heading over to her shop now....

  6. What a fabulous transformation...wonderful!!

  7. Gorgeous! And I'm completely in love with that daybed...what a beautiful one! The whole setup with the pedestal table is so cozy. I have been thinking about doing something very similar in our new home that we'll be moving to in May.

  8. omg, Desiree. this is breathtakingly good. i think what i love most is how it doesn't look 'staged.' it beckons me.




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