Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Perfect Team!

Nothing I love more than an amazing company who creates and offers perfection!  
Bourgondisch Kruis is an amazing team who offers one of the most extensive collections of Burgundy slabs and natural stones; these can then be turned into floors, fireplaces, stairs and columns.   This particular company has its own carpentry workshop as well as their own design team.  
Below are some pictures of Bourgondisch's projects!  
Every picture illustrates functionality, class and timelessness.
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do, and don't forget to check out their website!

Couldn't you just stare at these images all day?
The warmth of the woods, the reclaimed fireplace mantels, the lime-washed walls... I absolutely LOVE Belgian decor!!

I hope you're having a wonderful week!


  1. What stunning images! Those beautiful muted greys, that stunning kitchen island with the butchers block and those perfect fireplaces. I am drooling. x Sharon

  2. WOW. I am going to have to look at these images again and again! I share your love of Belgian decor. I posted something about it last month that you may want to peek at. I love all of these looks! Great post!!!!

  3. I love natural textures and would happily live in any one of those rooms...simple stunning!

  4. What beautiful spaces! The fireplaces are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, thanks. I love it.

    Greatings from Holland!

  6. omg, Desiree. yes. i could stare and adore all day. that bathroom in the 5th image is one of the coziest most brilliant i've seen. the warmth in spite of the spare decor is what i love most about Belgian design.

    dang! i've got to get to work but i just wanna dream!

    have a fabulous week--


  7. Can I just say I am crazy about all the fire places! I fell in love with the thought of an oversized fire place a couple of years back while watching Bat Man. Yes, I watched the movie! The best part of it was the fire place...haha
    I am thrilled you love my blog! Sincere thanks.

  8. ps..I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award.

  9. C'est magnifique!!! I ADORE those first three images...so wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!



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