Monday, February 7, 2011

... Needing a Little Whimsy?

I have to say - the last couple of days have been long and hard!  My two boys have been fighting an awful flu bug, one of the worst I've seen.  I think it's just as hard on parents as it is on the kids.  
Sleepless nights... constant whining and complaining... it never seems to end!  One day seems like a week!
So here I am posting happy images.  They are full of color and whimsy and I hope they will bring a spark to a long winter day!

via Kate Spade

via Jenny Lind

via John Grenan

Don't you love the mirrored mosaics?!

Don't these images get your creativity going?
Which image inspires you?

Stay healthy everyone!


  1. I laughed aloud when I saw that, in your utter exhastion, you misspelled whining (wining). Is there something you need to tell us?!

  2. I love them all...lovin' the splash of colors in there which will sure pick up anybody's mood. And yeah, when my son is sick I sure can't get no sleep and the stress of worrying about him really hampers my usually good mood.

  3. I hope your boys ae better soon. That is one wicked bug that's going around. I love all of those images,but I am smitten with that suitcase chair, so clever!

  4. Ha! Seriously... I could use a little (wining)! Thank you for catching that my dearest.

  5. that triple sink is what inspires me! omg what a happy spot. hope recovery FOR ALL OF YOU is swift!


  6. Ahhhh COLOR!!! My thirst is quenched! Love it Dezy poo!

  7. So identify-had the flu last week & whined the entire week-it should be called the "Whine Flu." Glad your house is getting back into order, and lovely photos, thanks.

  8. So hope they are well soon...sickness is hard on the entire family. These images are so cheery that they definitely brightened my day!!

  9. I loved these peppy images and found all of the turquoise very uplifting! I also really liked the unusual bench in the first picture!

  10. Ooh, hope your little ones are feeling better much soon! I'm in the mood for happy colors right now too and these are some great selections. I love that enamel aqua sink!

    Hope Ava

  11. Oh its all so beautiful! I think I've just found my morning inspiration, thank you!!



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