Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Bohemian Duo!

Leibowitz and Mclachlan are two beautiful ladies who have created the perfect design team!
Their design aesthetic is based on unexpected elements combining French contemporary, American "Hamptons" and Belgium styles.
I love how they use antiques combined with the perfect aged patina, distress finishes and neutral materials!

Don't you love how they have combined modern crispness balanced with elements from the past in an unexpected way?!  
One cool team!

I hope you're having a wonderful week!


  1. Love it! Perfect combinations! I especially like the dark wood bed and its contrast with the room.

  2. Talented indeed! Love the use of the linens, the stripped woods and all the soothing.

  3. They definitely have a gift. The combinations they use go together so well.

  4. WOw! Great home. Uhhh Dez, that is you and I in the future!! Combine us two, for the love!!

  5. Gorgeous design...what a perfect combination!! Adore the children's room. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~

  6. i do love, i do! would love to have them restyle my nest...can you arrange that, sugar? there's def a hipness to their design magic, yes? i want more of that here.

    my first interview is on my blog today! very exciting, and you'll be featured soon.

    have a great weekend, my friend.


  7. thanks for visiting! re: your cello stillz--would love to hear you play--it's one of my fav intstruments! my eldest son and i are musicians but he's screamo and i...write and perform 'ballads for the insane' on a junky old piano. both are scary prospects!

  8. This is such a peacefull pictures,Ur first photo is so nice,i really appreciate ur Amazing work.. like all those furniture a lot,Glowing decor expecting to c more lovely collections from u ...



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