Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scandinavian Design... A Favorite!

I have always been drawn to Scandinavian design!  The Scandinavian's have taken a sophisticated, European, non-hard-edged approach to design.  I love the perfect combination of old and new:

... simple, soothing and clean

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. your images instantly relaxed me - don't you love that about the purity of Scandanavian design??? and i agree they understand how to balance old and new so that it feels fresh, not dated.

    i should be addressing all sorts of housework, and here i am dishing about the dreamy!

    have a great weekend, Desiree. come over to hellolovely soon.


  2. What lovely photos. I love wood with white - timeless.

  3. beautiful indeed!!!
    gorgeous photos!!!!
    take care,

  4. I just came over from Michele's at Hello Lovely Inc (isn't she gorgeous?!) and am now drooling over your blog!!

    It's got such a lovely fresh, airy feel to it. I'm following along for sure.


  5. Desiree...I am truly in awe of your post! I've had moments of being taken aback, to realizing I've stalked your site and feel I know you by design. I really can't wait to see more! Be sure to check out our Blog it features a picture from you/greige Chateau de Moissac!

    Kindest Regards,
    Renee and Angela



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