Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paris Meets Pebble Beach...

One of my all-time-favorite homes was in the Veranda magazine several years ago!  Betty Burgess was the master mind behind this beautiful mid-century Parisian home.  Burgess honors European classicism flawlessly -  combining the perfect amount of modern rusticity throughout the home! 

all images via Veranda Magazine

What a masterpiece!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh I adore the bath!!!!! What a sublime way to spend some 'me' time especially with a warm breeze blowing through the curtains - divine!!!! Such a very elegant designer I am a great admirer of her work.

  2. That house is truly gorgeous...
    luxurious but not too flashy,
    elegant and warm.

  3. Breathtaking in every sense of the word..the kind of rooms that make your heart beat a little faster!!! Love the muted colors and gorgeous rich flooring..fabulous!

  4. Every room in this home is beautiful. The great thing about it is that in 10 years it will still look great. We love design that stands the test of time. Beautiful and timeless!

  5. omg that living room with those deep set windows with the enormous urns and that cabinet above the fireplace!!!! ahhhhhh! drowning in lovely here.

    i love Veranda too and will be posting about a special project of theirs this week. (what a tease i am).

    hope you're enjoying the summer, and it's always a pleasure to dream sweet paris dreams with you!


  6. You are the most talented woman in the world. Your cooking tops it all though, I have to admit it. Love you Dezy poo!!

  7. What an absolutely amazing home! I love all the wood beams, quiet colors and European flair...absolutely stunning!



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