Friday, October 28, 2011

The Unexpected...

I love to be pleasantly shocked when I walk into a room.  I love how overlooked, unexpected objects have a chance to become the show-stopper!  
One of my favorite things to do is hit the Midway Mercantile shop looking for that specific what-if piece; this then helps me to create a space that goes against the traditional/specific vignette scheme.  
Below are beautiful rooms full of life, comfort, style and organic simplicity:

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Какой красивый интерьер!Очень нравится!!!

  2. All beautiful rooms and you're right a room needs a little surprise to make it interesting. I love that fifth image may I move in please?

    Enjoy your weekend Desireé!
    Hugs Debra

  3. Happy Weekend to you too <3

    Mukavaa viikonloppua sinulle :)

  4. I could move in in every room, my favorite pieces are the gray metal locker and the long coffee table.
    great posting,

  5. Love all of these images. The last picture is amazing. I have always wanted lockers.

  6. Me too...I love the unexpected..Unfortunately most of the houses we walk in to have the very expected ceiling's a constant struggle with husbands getting rid of them. Love, love the chandelier in the first image here. Mona

  7. love how you've captured 'the unexpected' but it seems so tricky for so many people since it doesn't mean you put a complete contrast in a space and expect it to balance and work. i guess there is always that line between quirky and completelywrong and the difference is a trained eye. and you've got it, baby.


  8. Where is the coffee table in the first photo from? I have to have it!



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