Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Weathered California Beach Home...

I was scanning through some of Coastal living's images when I came across one of my all-time-favorite homes I love to drive by when I'm visiting Corona del Mar, California!
I have been dying to see the inside of this home for years - so when I came across these images you can imagine my surprise and excitement!
This home is as gorgeous on the inside as it is one the outside;  I love how they compliment each other so effortlessly!
The couple's new home encompasses the perfect combination of weathered wood with faded neutral colors to create the perfect west coast fuss-free home:

all images via Coastal Living

Can you imagine waking up to that view everyday?!
I just LOVE this home!  Now I don't have to sit and stew what the inside looks like when I drive by.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!


  1. Oh my thank you for sharing these super inspiring images! I can see why it is a favorit of yours and I would surely make a detour to see it often...xo Col~Afrique du Sud

  2. I can see why you love this home so much the outside alone would sell the house to me with the contrasting woods. Love the kitchen with the nature stone, looks like the owners kept things simple to let the home finishes sing. It's a gorgeous home!

  3. wow. so charming, and that wall in the kitchen!

    hope you'll stop by for my giveaway!


  4. ...einfach wunderschön die Plätze...gemütlich.Bussi.Lu.

  5. The home's facade is simply picturesque! Thanks for sharing...

  6. Chère Desirée,

    OMG. You tell ME that you like my blog because of my words? BRAVO. Because I want to be a writer. My blog posts are short and simple, but my aim is to gently cut to the heart of the matter. I come here to find GREAT BEAUTY in the subtle tones and smooth lines of this great décor that I love. I am a California-born girl and that fireplace reminds me of the one in my childhood home in Los Angeles. The Carmel coastline is where I spent my honeymoon 30 years ago and you have wisked away MY HEART HERE! THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to visit me and I so hope to encounter your loveliness more often!

    CIAO BELLA! Anita

  7. Wouldn't this be a beautiful place to live? The home is gorgeous, the views are breath taking. Everything to love!

  8. Oh wow, a splendid house! I especially love the bathroom and kitchen, and wouldn't it be amazing to be able to sit by that fire!

  9. LOVE this home, and so love the mix of coastal chic with a rustic European elegance....it works beautifully!!



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