Friday, December 16, 2011

... Christmas Is Just Around The Corner!

I can't believe that Christmas is basically next week... yikes!!!
I have to say, I've been extra careful this year not to procrastinate and methodically take my time to pick out presents that would best meet the needs of family and friends - hopefully they're not disappointed.
I love this time of year - the snow, colorful lights, time with family and friends, performing Christmas music and focusing on the Savior.
What are things you love this time of year?!

images via Brown dress with white dots & pinterest

Hope you're all enjoying this special time of year!!


  1. Love the old lighted snow letters, the cloches on the piano, and especially the yummy drinks in the mason jars! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics.

  2. Impossible de ne pas succomber à la magie des images ...
    Tout simplement merveilleux.
    Très belle journée

  3. What I love most this time of year is being with my family and just enjoying the season. I can't believe Christmas is in a week, I'm so not ready...yikes!

  4. Good morning sweet one!

    Love your photos and I am feeling the need to celebrate à la française. Les trieze desserts or a fancy dinner party, as one of my French interns is going to do as she goes back home to France to be with her family.

    Here is wishing you a fabulous celebration! Anita

  5. Beautiful pictures. I was going to use that last image in my next post. Love Brown Dress white Dot!

  6. oh baby, definitely the little twinkly lights. but omg the coffeecake image! must have that for christmas, yes!?!? and the image with the french chairs, and the fireplace...i'm so THERE.

    i focus on making others feel special and of course making them laugh. it's easy to do when you can laugh at yourself!

    lots of hugs and warm merry wishes to you and the family.


  7. Wow.So refreshing to read about focusing on the Savior on a design blog. Appreciate that!
    Merry Christmas!



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