Monday, January 9, 2012

Gilded Gold...

I have always loved little hints of gilded gold throughout a home, such as mirrors, frames and antiques.
It adds that perfect touch of French Neo-classical design.

My old bedroom window coupled with my favorite French mirror.

all images via Cottage Haven Interiors and A Perfect Gray

 I love the Juxtaposition of rough and refined, old and new!


  1. Oh wow..the headboard is stunning, love it! ;D

  2. Everything was just beautiful! As always, thank you for sharing!

  3. Love the mirror and window treatment in the first photo. Is that muslin? Lovely!

  4. loving the last image especially, and do you know this trick? i finally got a floor mirror for our bedroom, and if you angle it correctly when you lean it against the wall, you will magically appear lean and tall!!!

    i do wish my mirror was gilded--so pretty.

    smiles to you, classy lady.


  5. So pretty....agree gold adds a little zest, glamour and bling to any space. Love it, always have.

  6. I even keep fragments that are gilded in an urn I think gold helps a shabby piece look better more expensive surrounded by gold. Love the post.


  7. I always love a touch of gold in every room. The aged mirrored headboard is fabulous!!

  8. Lovely! I agree totally! LOVE GOLD!
    I have a small half bath off my kitchen that has a collection of wall to wall gold gilded mirrors - I love it!

    GOLD is bold step and statement but once you take the gold leap and you will fall in love.

    Thanks for sharing - beautiful post.

  9. That small bedroom window is so glamorous in its perfect simplicity!

  10. It was class and craftsmanship at its all time best when I viewed those french mirrors on display on the website of the top furniture company UK as the wooden outer frame of these French style mirrors were intricately hand carved on solid wood and ornately designed, making them look exquisitely beautiful and sublime without any design or production flaws.



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