Sunday, January 29, 2012

Splashes Of The Perfect Color...

I couldn't help but to post these fun rooms - the pops of color really made me happy!

all images via Ellmania

Aren't these color combinations fun?!  I'm loving the color combinations in the first image.
How do you like to combine color?  Do you like splashes of color in a more monochromatic schemed room, or do you like bold bright painted rooms?


  1. It's hard not to be happy around all those colors, isn't it? I love those cheerful pictures! Thank you for sharing - enjoy your evening.

  2. Yes, these are all wonderful...but especially the umphie chair. Love it. xx's

  3. for a long time i have been drawn to quiet colors. these are the colors that feel right to live with. the ones you've featured are so fresh and clean and juicy. love that. i'm also a fan of those colors that are tough to characterize--those end up feeling the most sophisticated to me.

    have a wonderful week, lovely.


  4. I used to like rooms full of bold color on the walls but now must be in a tamed down time because I like neutral colored rooms. I used lots of bold color in accessories and they are easier to change out. Color always makes me happy!

    I hope you’re enjoying your evening!

  5. AH YES...your header is SO ENCHANTING! And that very last image with the gray chairs reminds me of a beautiful chair that my husband just purchased for my harp room; it is that gray and wood Marseilles chair...and dear and BEAUTIFUL one, thank you for coming to visit me today!!! Have a great week! Anita

  6. I love seeing a little color. It puts a smile on your face!



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