Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Les Fifoles

I love getting a sneak peak into people's homes to see the way they love to live and decorate!  It gives me a look-see into their personality!
I love how interesting this beautiful French home is, I wish I could give you more information on the owner and where the home is located, but the writing was all in French!  Dang... I wish I could speak French!!
For now we'll just have to use our imaginations:

all images via e-magdeco.com

This darling French chic knows how to decorate!  I love how she has combined all her vintage finds into perfect little vignettes throughout her home - so funky and fun! 
For those of you who know French - head over to e-magdeco.com
to read more!


  1. sooooo beautiful, desiree!

    i could live here.


  2. Desireé - I love the fact that when it comes to design - there is NO language barrier! What lovely photos... I am so glad you found them for us and shared them (even without captions - who needs words with these gorgeous images!) Have a marvelous day - Jalon

  3. I love how she took everything she loved and made it work. That doggie is gorgeous too!


  4. I fully agree that the images speak by themselves, no language barrier, and we love what the owner has done with her house.

    However, if you allow me, I'll insert here a few details translated from Anne's interview, the owner of this lovely house. She started blogging four years ago, and this has helped her to redecorate the house a few times. The house, where Anne lives with husband and three kids, is small so they stay most of the time in the main room, which serves as living-room, dining-room, kitchen, salon - an everyday room for the family. She started taking tens and tens of pictures of this room, learning along the way how to master the art of photography. She also studied the masters in the field of decoration, read the classics in literature, even contemporary American authors. A lady who commented on her blog introduced Anne to the poet Philippe Jaccottet. She loves his poems very much. Influenced by the beauty of his work, and whatever else she reads, she started inserting quotes from her reading between the photos of the blog.

    Asked if she likes a particular object in her house, Anne said that it is the white wood horse, found at a flea-market in San Francisco. The story is so touching that I have to put it in here. Her kids have spotted it, they touched it, and felt as if the horse talked to them. Anne asked the vendor about the horse, and learned that he had it since his childhood and that he was carrying it with him all over the place, but now, knowing that he would die soon, he was looking for a new owner. Since the beginning of that particular day, more than twenty people wanted to buy the horse, but he couldn’t make up his mind. But now, seeing how the kids were bounding with the horse, he thought that they would be the right owners he had in mind. After Anne promised him that they would take good care of the horse and would cherish it, he sold it to them, and so they left the flea market with tears in their eyes, carrying a part of this man’s life story with them.

    Asked what seasons she prefers – fall and the beginning of the winter. The colors she loves: off-white, cold browns, black, gray. Unlike her sisters who loved bright colors. She also loves living with four seasons, loves when the tree leaves loose their exuberant coloring, loves when the nature sleeps, as if renewing its beauty, loves the wind blowing through the trees devoid of foliage, loves the asperities of the winter; loves the passage from one season to the next, the blending of two seasons. The perfect time for redecorating.

    Funny thing about the name of the blog: Before blogging, she and her friends dreamed of opening a boutique for interior decoration in Lausanne, and even thought to name it Les Filles Foles (the crazy girls!), which morphed to Les Fifoles for the blog.

    Desiree, I hope you don’t mind my long post. I really loved translating this interview, she’s such a sensitive lady, and her taste in decorating proves it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Thank you Thank you Doina!! Switzerland... WOW! This reply just made my day! I hope others will read; each sentence/story is beautiful!

      Thank you!

  5. I forgot to mention that she lives in Switzerland, but don't know where, perhaps close to Lausanne, where she wanted to open that boutique. We don't see too many houses from Switzerland, do we?

  6. You're welcome, Desiree! My pleasure. Anytime. You are the one who put the pictures in your blog, and so opened a new window (or door) toward this interview and blog, which I bookmarked.

    Looking forward for your next set of pictures - always an inspiration!
    Blessings for you and your lovely family.

  7. What a beautiful, warm home. Love the white color palette and the rocking horse...fabulous!!

  8. I like your dog very-very much! Say hello to dog for me : )



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