Wednesday, March 21, 2012

White Harmony...

I love this gorgeous home in the South of France!  
The white walls keep in harmony the unmatched furniture and eclectic genre throughout the home.
Notice how each light fixture and heirloom piece is the show stopper:

all images via Living Agency

Homes in the South of France remind me to keep things relaxed.  Forget the perfect - over thought furniture and fabrics.  We need to let our hearts be our real guide by embracing what we truly love.  When we do this - we can celebrate the imperfect and embrace creativity! 

Wishing you a wonderful week!


  1. GORGEOUS! One of the nicest things about white walls (besides the beauty) is that it helps highlight all the furnishings so beautifully. It is a blank canvas just waiting for the artwork to be placed (and not just the artwork on the walls) Love this house (as with all your gorgeous images) Thanks so much for sharing and giving some inspiration on this slllloooowwwww hump day! Jalon

  2. there are too many details to comment on and gush over! the light fixtures--gorgeous and romantic and statement pieces every one. the bursts of personality everywhere, only they are not commanding attention too boldly, it's more of a subtle seduction i think. oh i love these images, Desiree. could stare at get lost in them all day!

    smiles and sunshine (we've got a lot!) are on their way to you.


  3. so many elements to fall in love with here!

  4. Did you notice those amazing windows? How about the settee holding the door open? The floor plan that lets the light spill through...I'm in, love it!




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