Sunday, May 20, 2012

ABC Kitchen

I have to say - I am a foodie!!!
I came across some images of ABC Kitchen and now I'm hooked!
I have to go to NYC and try this amazingly, stimulating (visually) restaurant!
After going to Husk, in Charleston, SC I'm ruined forever!!!  I'm in the lookout for something similar!

At ABC Kitchen, Jean Georges Vongerichten prepares local organic ingredients with a farm-to-table feel. 
Check out the images of this place:

Who has been to this place?!!
Let me know your opinion - or if there is a favorite restaurant you would recommend!

Hope you have a wonderful week full of good food and fun!!


  1. Yep been there a few times and while good it isn't the best I've been to. But if you go you're in for a treat because all of ABC is a visual treat. If you really want a fabulous restaurant in NYC you'll have to cross the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn Heights. There's a restaurant there called Henry's End, at the end of Henry Street, and it's wonderful but small so make reservations! I could live there!


  2. OMG, this place looks divine. Can you take me with you? lol. What a pity I live on the other side of the world. The decor is enough for me to drool over. Thanks for sharing. Leahx

  3. debra--omg take me there.

    des--love the aesthetics of this place. i am not a reliable source of info about the best restaurants. i just know it's italian all the way for me.



  4. Yes I have. It's a nice place to stop while you are in the area or locked in the beauty of ABC Carpet's interiors. They do displaying at a level that makes Antrho look like amateurs.

  5. I could eat at his restaurant at the St. Regis in Park City everyday!

  6. Hey People,
    ABC Kitchen
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