Thursday, May 10, 2012


I just got home from historic Charleston, SC.  What an amazing city - the history and architecture is one-of-a-kind!  
I was able to go with my Mom, Grandmother and two wonderful aunts.  
I was amazed by how kind and gracious everyone was... they weren't kidding when it comes to Southern hospitality!  
We happened to come across one of the most beautiful stores I have ever seen called Alexandra AD.  The store was full of period buffets, guilded wood objects, and swedish, French and Italian antiques!
Every piece was breathtaking and to top it off - the owners were so kind and gracious!
If you ever go to Charleston - you must stop by this breathtaking antique store!

all images via Alexandria AD

These images do not do the store justice!
When I happened upon the store - my camera's batteries were not charged... stink!
So if you're in need of a fabulous heirloom piece - call or stop by this unbelievable store!!


  1. From Provence to really do get around, ladybug.
    I love Charleston and will go this Fall to the home tour with one of my girlfriends, so I'm happy to know about this wonderful shop. Come on over and enter my jewelry giveaway !!!!

  2. Such fond memories of this city and area

  3. Looks like a wonderful store Des and will have to stop by when I'm down there at the end of the month. I hope you have a wonderful and Happy Mother's Day!


  4. i am so glad you shared this! i have charleston on my list of places to visit sooner than later, and my husband actually says we will probably retire there even though he's never brought me along!!!!

    the store looks unforgettably gorgeous, and now i have another reason to hop to it!

    so glad you had a fun getaway, and always always love coming back to your beautiful blog.


  5. So glad you got to see our sweet little gem of a town! Alexandra AD rocks and there's much more to explore . . . ring us up when you're next in town and we'll give you the low-down! Love your blog- cheers.

  6. Oh my goodness, those stacks of mirrors! Looks like the kind of store I could spend all day in.



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