Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites...

Just wanted to post some fun images that are inspiring and warms my soul:

I just love that teal door knob... beauty always lies in the details!

Who says one needs extravagance - living in the moment and embracing every day for what it is, is what brings true happiness!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Hi Desire, all gorgeous. I was scrolling down the photos thinking these are so beautiful but seriously wo lives like this. Then I spotted the fougasse bread in the bike basket and this is what I made last week so perhaps I even live a little like this!
    Thanks for the reminder of all the beauty around us! Cheersfiona

  2. we don't need extravagance! we don't need excess! we only need the pure simplicity of what you have highlighted. omg. btw. the chocolate. the taupe colored dot ceramics and the many many textures i can feel right through the screen.

    i want peeks of your house and i can keep a secret!

    smiles and happy weekend to the family.


  3. All of these images are just perfectly beautiful! So glad I got to see this post! It made my night! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Carolyn Bradford

  4. One photo more beautiful than the next. Soft soothing colors. I feel as though I just took a brief trip to a place where I could happily live out my days in quiet beauty.



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