Friday, June 8, 2012

It was my sister's bridal shower yesterday... yay Dallas!!
It was so fun seeing all our close family and friends!
I love to sit down with my aunts - catching up on what's new in their lives; one particular aunt of mine who has amazing taste, was telling me about this particular apartment in Paris that she in love with!!  Well, here it is... L'Wrenn Scott's Parisian Perch photographed for Vogue magazine!
Tiffanie Benson (my aunt) loves the serene pastel colors and the delicate airy atmosphere, she is hoping to incorporate some of these same elements into her own home.
Notice L'Wrenn's marble mantel with those gorgeous gilded gold frames coupled with mercury glass!
It's truly the perfect French chic apartment:


I love getting a sneak peak into the lives of brilliant minds!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. it's amazing! congratulations to dallas--what a talented artist she is and a beautiful bride she will be!

    the apartment we booked in paris does not look like this one but it is charming and i can't wait to share pics with you when we get back.

    thanks for making me even more excited about our stay!



  2. Beautiful! Love the photos!

  3. Love the marble mantel and its vignette!

    Happy weekend to you too!


  4. Gorgeous apartment! The rugs (with a little red) are stunning against the soft pastels. The French do such an amazing job with regards to paying attention to detail.

    So pretty and congrats to your sister!


  5. Uhhhhhh... i want that pink handbag!
    Beautiful apartment, i love the print over the sofa... and the bathroom looks like the sea, all water and reflection... amazing.




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