Wednesday, June 13, 2012

... It's All In The Details

I love this thought out space... the drawers with its organization is exactly what I would love to create in my own kitchen:

Clean, crisp and timeless!

I hope you're enjoying you week!


  1. I was impressed by the order, even in the drawers, all perfectly arranged :)

  2. This is like a dream ... look at the drawers! Dividers for tea packages? Oh my! Dividers for knives? One drawer though I'm not sure about some dividers (?) on both sides, but it doesn't matter. I'm sure the lady of the house knows what's for. Without a doubt, this is a custom-made kitchen. The black accents, frames, countertops, walls = brilliant! In my mind, one of the most intelligent kitchens I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing! We can use some inspiration from the photos!

  3. What a fantastic kitchen. I would be in heaven to be this organized! How about the bread drawer! and the one for tea and coffees( fav, as well!) Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. Was this in a magazine?



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