Monday, July 9, 2012

Did You Know?...

Did you know Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin just purchase The House of Windsor?!!!
This was last year's Decorator's show house presented by Veranda Magazine!
I will never forget the kitchen, it was decorated by the one and only Windsor Smith.
When I heard this news I was so excited; this home is so chic and fits Gwyneth and Chris' personality to the T!!!

Do you really think Gwyneth is going to keep that silly Rumpus room by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard?
... hopefully NOT!!  Sorry Martyn (below)

I sound so mean, but I really struggle with some of his work!  But he is hysterical and makes me laugh!!!

Best wishes everyone!


  1. I knew they purchased this home and lucky, lucky them! Rumpus room must go it doesn't blend with the rest of the home. This house is so beautiful! I want that kitchen!


  2. I agree! The entire house is just gorgeous!!!! Love that kitchen! But yep...that last room needs a make-over. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  3. Hi I just discovered your blog! and I love it. I think our taste runs similar...or at least I think I am very French Country Inspired...with a dash of eclectic and mid century..farmhouse!!! I am your newest follower and I hope you stop by "My Old Country House" sometime too!!!

    see you soon,

  4. Yes I did and its a great house, good bones, wonderful inviting but elegant vibe, just fabulous looking!

  5. I had no idea! Wonderful house. Thank you for the photos!

  6. omg i thought the same thing when i heard they acquired this house! i can not imagine gwyneth in that space!

    windsor totally owes me an interview. i was nutty enough to be corresponding with her when this project was first underway. dang!

    hope you can stop by when you have a free moment to take a peek at my giveaway:

    have a beautiful day!


  7. The outdoor spaces are as beutiful as the interior - rumpus room excluded. ;-)

    Have a great day!

  8. I absolutely ADORE this house! I hadn't heard that Gwyneth and Chris Martin had bought it, but it's not surprising since it's just SO fabulous! I had to laugh out loud at your last comment, because I completely agree. I remember how beautiful the main house and stables were and then you got to that 'Rumpus room' - it was enough to give me a headache - lol!
    Paula x



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