Sunday, July 29, 2012

... For The Eclectic Soul

I love brave, brilliant minds who love to push the envelope when it comes to style/design! 
This spectacular pad has me thinking this family knows how to live and have fun!

They're brave but at the same time they stay within tasteful boundaries using organic raw materials and neutral colors; this creates that perfect canvas for whimsy!

Best wishes everyone!


  1. It looks like a well-loved home, filled with meaningful collections. How nice to live surrounded by one's favorite things.

    Have a great week!

  2. I great place. This home has the perfect use of color to suit my taste. I get overwhelmed by too much white, these color bursts are perfect. I love the piece next to the fireplace. We have a similar one that we use in a main hall.

  3. Yes, it does look like this is a family about style, comfort and FUN! How lovely to see!!

  4. it's so happy with all those juicy accent colors, and i die for those mixed media pieces sprinkled throughout.

    just an incredible stage for making memories i think.



  5. I love the colorful foliage of the tree. It looks iike, autumn season is approaching.



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