Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rosy Girl...

I have gushed over Rosy Strazzeri before, but recently came across her website and found some more favorites!  I can't get enough of her brilliance!!  They're not kidding when they say a picture says a thousand words.

Rosy's interiors are stunning - not only is she gifted with interior design, she is also equally talented with props and fashion styling!  Yes... she does it all!

Best wishes to all of you!


  1. That last vignette is one of my favorites, it is done so beautifully.

  2. i adore her work too, particularly that gorgeous flat. and i am enjoying your curation so much!

  3. Love her style.......lots of pretty collections of things and I take it she likes to cook too!

  4. are you effin kidding me? dang! i want to live in each and every one of these images. that rosy ghost chair? kill me now. i feel another 'holy ghost power' post comin on. and that fatigued canvas-y bag next to the black cupboard? i just snagged a similar one that i will have to share on the blog for you! heaven!

    are you staying sane as you feather your nest? maybe i need to come help? :)

    i am off to another adventure today with out of town guests...i wish we were going to be surrounded by rosy-lovely!


  5. I can see I'm going to have to go pay Rosy a visit, beautiful images. After seeing the black cupboard in the second picture I now know I need to paint a dresser black and give it a little scuffing, love it!


  6. I just found you via good old pinterest. I see that my blog friends are much faster than I am. Beautiful blog! And, wonderful portfolio!! Will look more :-)

  7. that black cupboard may very well be the most perfect piece of
    furniture EVAH
    would swoon if I ever actually came upon another like it and
    would gladly pay any price - what a stunner
    wish Rosy was my gal pal, and I could sit in her house and look
    at all those fab things at leisure!
    all best from Ft Worth....



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