Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Perfect Retreat!

I would love to have a simple, charming, magical little getaway - a place where my kids can't get their hand on anything that needs to be plugged in!
Check out this charming little dwelling!  
Notice how the kids are reading and playing outside.  Kids need down time so that they can simply live in the moment!

It's that time of year... kids going back to school!
I think all of us have a little excitement to have some more down time, until that next big school project sneaks up!
sigh... the life of a mom... never a dull moment!


  1. Very cute place...and I unfortunately have to go back to school as well... p.s. do you have a pinterest?

  2. Love the simplicity of this place. The childrens bunk room is my favourite. Leahx

  3. absolutely beautiful isnt it.
    thanks for sharing. i love it
    cheers Fiona xx

  4. Love this post, thanks for sharing! I have this land by the sea where I could build just a place like this!... Cheers AnaAntunes

  5. Come to Spain, you'll find tons of houses with this kind of deco, especially in Baleraric Islands and in Andalussia.

  6. I love that place, everything you need and nothing else!

    Enjoy your Sunday Des!

  7. LOVE THIS!!!!! Would so love to have a little escape like this, how charming.

  8. Charming! Charming! Great find, Des! This is the perfect size....not a big house so the kids will go out and enjoy the outdoors. I love the children's bedroom. Hope you are doing well :-)

  9. Fantastyczne miejsce, perfekcyjne dla całej rodziny :))

  10. Lovely cottage, charming, cozy, kids friendly. The cat is the right addition to the atmosphere. The colorful chairs? Priceless. Thanks for sharing, Desiree. Like always you find the enchanting, happy place.
    Hugs, Doina
    (am I the only one having problems with that code that seems designed by a mad geek?)



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