Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Acquired Objects...

It's over the top but super cool...

I love antique shops and flea markets - it's where you find that true one-of-a-kind!


  1. Love the old table in the dinning room!

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  3. So much to love about that home.

  4. Objects become acquired when there is a story behind otherwise they are just
    furniture or something else. Don'tyou think so?

  5. Lovely! A perfect setting for a Steampunk party. Too bad this is just a movie set (as are all the locations shown on the website). I wonder if anyone actually lives here when they're not filming?

  6. Oh wow...what an amazing home this is..can you imagine waking up there everyday..I would never leave!! Thanks for the eye candy.

  7. We represent this lovely house in Brighton as a shoot location on

    When it's not being hired for shoots it is also used as an antiques showroom by a high profile antiques collector and dealer. This makes for a really interesting and unique location due to the constant change of quirky props and antiques.

    Doesn't she have the most fantastic taste?!



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