Monday, July 1, 2013

Swedish Charm...

Sorry for the slow posts, I've been in Ireland with my family for the past week and had the opportunity to explore Ireland's gorgeous countryside!   Not only is the landscape some of the most beautiful I have ever seen - but the people were warm, kind and so gracious!!  It's a trip I'll never forget and if any of you ever get the chance to see Ireland... jump on it!!!!

Below are images of a charming Swedish home, one which reminds me of some of the homes I saw while on our travels.  I will eventually post some fun images of what we saw in the future but for now take a look at this happy, timeless home:

My heart and prayers go out to those family members effected by the saddened loss of those brave firefighters in Arizona!  They were true heroes that gave their lives for the safety of others!  I can't think of any greater sacrifice!


  1. how wonderful that you are with family seeing that great country! love this post. the saddle! the knotty wood of the stairs. that rusticgorgeous tabletop. too much swoonage to list.

    safe travels to you, and thanks so much for the encouragement and support about my art. makes no sense at all, but i'll keep creating.



  2. Hello Des! I'm so happy to read you're feeling well enough to travel and Ireland no wonderful! I look forward to seeing a few pictures of your trip. In the meantime I'll enjoy some of this Swedish charm!


  3. Hi, Des!
    It's been toooooooo long!! I hope you are well and enjoying summer. I've been swamped....finally slowing down. Can't wait to hear about Ireland, where I would love to visit soon. I hear the countryside is beautiful. And of course I love this Swedish home! When I saw Swedish Charm, I immediately clicked over :) Charming home.
    Have a wonderful 4th!!
    x Loi

  4. Oh my goodness...Ireland how I love and miss it!! My husband is from Bangor Co.Down just outside Belfast..a lovely seaside town..but we have been all over the north and the south..tell me where were you...and your so right about the people,they are the kindest people I have ever known ...can not wait to get back!!!!

  5. gorgeous place. white makes the room really look big

  6. This is a fascinating looking home, I really love the floor. That is a great sofa as well. I love the tiny glass coffee table. I love the beautiful yard and the garden. God bless everyone who has the courage and the strength of will to work to save lives.

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