Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sunday Favorites...

I love coming across images that bring joy to my soul!

Some of the simplest things in life can be the most beautiful.


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  2. Beautiful!
    Bonne soirée, amicalement, Monika

  3. Love these images! Would you mind sharing the sources for the white quilt in the master, the lamps by your bedside, and the Joseph Smith portrait? Also, do you do design work? Thanks!

  4. And they bring joy to mine as well! thak you!

  5. Amazing images as usually, best regards.

  6. I absolutely love the way these retro appliances look! Wonderful colors! Growing up, ours were harvest gold. I don't really like the stainless steel, but I think it's really popular right now.

  7. Oh dear you are singing my songs over here, the many photos that inspire you are also inspiration to me as well, and some I have in my favorites.
    That first photo I so see myself walking into that kitchen if not to prepare a meal then just to look at it :)
    So many different moods and style to pull from here and all to inviting a new adventure down the design path.
    I just painted my small investment cottage floor a softer shade of white and a chippy paint finish to a French mirror in my latest post. Now working on the area rug, then I see photos like the ones you display and want to leave the country :)

    See you soon and all the beauty you inspire, this is truly a place to gather.


  8. GREAT looks...LOVE the sink and the views!

  9. so stunning! sorry i have been so absent. lots of life's stresses right now. smiles.

  10. The third photo reminds me of Germany! I spent few years in the place and capture the real world of nature. I’m currently in Thailand and enjoy the beauty and culture of the country. It’s great to stumble upon here! Gorgeous Sunday!

    Miranda Farley



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