Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Favorites...

I feel like it has been forever since I have posted, life has been extra crazy and I feel like I can't get done everything I need to.  I'm constantly trying to remind myself to get grounded and to have to quiet time, but I always let the insignificant things sneak in and take it from me.
This post is a reminder for me to take things a little slower and to simplify.


... it never hurts to dream a little.  What you put out there will always come back!

best wishes!


  1. Beautiful pics that tug at my heart! Merci

  2. What a great room design I can't believe you made that photo. I know my teenage daughter has been asking for a canopy bed for some time, so I'll forward her this post.
    Decor Inspiration for your Bedroom

  3. I love all the rustic chicness... and it does feel grounding to look at these homey pictures.. have been so busy and pulled all summer too, looking forward to la "rentree" and settling down a bit

    oxoxo Kit

  4. Nice room decoration. I am really impressed.Your way of perception is really amazing.

  5. Lovely inspiring rooms and images!

  6. I love that rustic kitchen design. Its really cool with best colour cabinet. I wanna cooking there.

    really inspiring me!



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