Friday, July 24, 2015

Little Reminders...

At times I need to remind myself to never count the days, but to make the days count!

Life is beautiful when you find joy and gratitude in all things!

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. I love the wisdom behind all the sayings and in particular "Stop the glorification of busy"

    Enjoy your weekend


  2. Thank you for this encourages me to keep living quiet and simple and to cultivate peace.

  3. The quotes you chose settle on my heart and is more then enough, love the sink on the old farmhouse table... And the ammo type boxes I so am wanting to add a couple to my home and if they don't have wheels that's ok I will add them.
    Is the photo of the girl with a shopping straw bag in hand and a Kinfolk magazine You? if so that magazine is a favorite of mine, and I so enjoy being quietly inspired by their you tube videos also on Vimeo video.

    See you soon and all the beauty you inspire here.



  4. After a week of what seems like never-ending bad news, thank you for images of peace and serenity and calm. Much needed.

  5. Life passes, while you are busy doing something else. Summertime reflection and lazy days is very important. We never plan for a holiday with many outgoing activities. Reading and spending time with the family, that's what life quality is all about. Not we did this, we went there, we saw them at that. I´ll always ask, what did your experience ? what senses did you use. Could you feel the summer.

  6. you are speaking my language, friend. in these images and otherwise. ship lap? OUI. planked ceilings and kinfolk magazine, yes yes yes! then white brick. breathtaking. i am grateful for so much beauty in the world--the natural kind that God provided--and the kind we create while we're here (beauty is gonna save the world, doncha know). peace to you right where your beautiful soul rests.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful innovative designs and ideas you have shared with us and it is really helping me to implementing it.



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