Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Just a few thoughts that came to mind today.
I love the beautiful things of the world, how they inspire and bring joy.  What scares me about "temporal" objects is when we identify or define ourselves by them.  Our power and joy comes from knowing who we are and where we came from.  My personal belief is we are all children of a loving God, whom I like to call my Heavenly Father.  We are all equal and are equally loved no matter what we have, where we are from, or what we are going through in life.  This is my true joy and what sustains me!  Read more

Nothing brings more joy and happiness in this world than serving and loving each other!
Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful week!


  1. I usually don't comment, but I wanted to thank you for your message today. Thank you for the reminder. I love your blog.

  2. absolutely, desiree. we have to let go of attachments (and ego for that matter) because they do not have the final say in who we are. i am learning this in huge ways right now--the art of letting go--and it can be excruciating but necessary to get out of the way so the Divine may have its way. also, this. that Ritz hardware. gorg! peace to you.

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  4. Beautiful photos to match a beautiful thought.

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  6. Its always beautiful here, and to difine anyone by what appears would be sinful to our Heavenly Father.
    Love this post my dear, it shows the beauty we can enjoy whether we live it or dream it.
    That room with the washed beams? Oh my!!! To stand there and take in such aw-ness! not to mention the hands that created such beauty amazes does it not.

    Your so right nothing is greater then the love for each other.
    My dear, best friend who lives in Utah, and use to live here in California, I miss dearly because we had this same passion from creating from nothing making it something. Much like how we should see each other... She to is LDS....we talk almost daily on the phone, and inspire life.

    This was a beautiful message, well received.
    For his grace upon grace.
    John 1:16


    I still dream of one day finding a dove Côte as the one you have found that hangs on your courtyard garden wall, it's another piece of beauty that we see man has created.




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