Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Telling A Story...

'In filling your home with souvenirs of your adventures you create a house that tells a story'

                                                                                                               - Elle Decoration

Let your heart tell your story!


  1. Belíssimo, amei essas belas inspirações.

  2. The artist quote speaks true to my heart. I am an artist and I patiently wait for the flow from within. I always experience freedom, contentment, and calm when I do. The beauty...oh the beauty.

  3. Beauty in so many lights. Love all the inspiration here, I could so enjoy putting on an event with miles of tables set as here pictured. Love that outdoor setting with the back drop of the euro-chic home cracks and all. Wonderful kitchens that invite suck preparations for great dinning setting a mood of all the right kind of rightness.
    Always inspired when I visit you.


  4. Just have to tell you i Love your blog and wanted to thank you for taking the time to put beautiful picture up. Teresa

  5. i love the story you tell here. there is all sorts of simple lovely mixed with organic otherworldly charm. and you quote agnes martin! ha! a genius. it's all about evoking a feeling, and isn't that just what we strive for in blogging? peace to your beautiful soul.



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