Friday, November 25, 2016

Living Simple...

One of my favorite quotes from Confucius:
' Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated'

When I approach design, I have to be centered.  I have to be in a place where I can feel...  that is when I can stay true to my client and I'm able to draw off their energy and how they experience life.
Design is a moment to moment process - creating spaces that celebrate the simple things in life.

Getting back to the basics... editing possessions so that one can retain what is useful and beautiful.  Then one can create an environment that is calm, easy and unpretentious.



Happy Holidays!


  1. Long-time etiquette maven Miss Manners has always explained that however complicated manners seem, at the root is the desire to make others feel at ease, and that if you work from that, you should be fine. I think the same is true of decor. It should be about making others feel at ease (and not so much about stroking one's own ego).

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  4. Awesome!! I absolutley agree with Taste Of France's comment :)

  5. Simplicity is always the most elegant direction to travel in, oui? It leaves so much room to breathe and dream and savor. Beautiful examples here of how to stay true to it. Thinking of you during these holy days of advent as we wait expectantly and prepare Him room. I have to keep checking my it expanding to welcome in the flow of goodness and light? For that level of openness and capacity, I must let go, let go, let go. Of bitterness, resentment, judgment. And then like Mary I can say LET IT BE and welcome new life to rock my world and transform my consciousness. Peace to you, lovely blogger.

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