Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just can't get enough!

I was on Greet's blog "Belgian Pearls," which is my all time favorite blog, and I clicked on one of her favorite sites entitled Rik Storms Ancient Building Materials.  All I can say is I was in heaven, not only with the furniture/building materials, but with the pictures as well.  I am so obsessed with this look!!  Here are five pics from his site:

Belgian style home from "House Beautiful."

Gorgeous French/Belgium room from "Cote Quest."
Loving the cut timbers!

Darryl Carter design

Erin Martin Barn

Erin Martin room

L & M

I love these gorgeous vintage Louis limestone fireplaces!

John Jacob dining

"House Beautiful"  I love those shutters!!!

"Koekken"  One of my all time favorite kitchens!  I would just need a ladder for those cabinets.

Now how would I create this look and where would I find the furniture to create this look?
Bobo Intruiguing Objects!!!
Here are some of their amazing pieces I'm dying to get my hands on:

two door bakery cabinet
They have a larger version as well pictured below

Bapka dining table

Copenhagen dining table

Eneby table

Olav Dining table

Baroque table

Brickmaker table

Saw Horse zinc table

Stockholm Iron light fixture


Bronze Lantern

Crystal Chandelier

Industrial Counter

Greyson sofa

BoBo wing chair

Stockholm Lantern

Regency Settee

Love seat

Go and check out BoBo...


  1. No words..stunning eye candy..those king chairs covered in burlap with the writing on them are amazing..

  2. Wow, so many gorgeous images to take in. The Baroque dining table has stuck in my mind. Love all the images, just beautiful.

  3. Oh I feel so honoured!!! Thank you so much for mentionning me!! You are so sweet!

  4. fabulous images... you and i will become good friends.. x pam

  5. Des your taste is nuts!! I love whay you love. Those pictures gave me a huge buzz! I love you!

  6. This is my favorite design style as boyfriend seems to think if you like anything other than this you have 'bad taste', he doesn't seem to get the different strokes for different folks concept, lol.



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