Tuesday, February 2, 2010

French Bliss

I'm stumped, I cannot remember where I found these pictures!  I do know that this home is called "Villa Stenhuset," but I don't know where it is located.  I had to share these pictures because of the unique layout.

Loving the Horse... a little random, but I like!

Look at how those urns pop!!  So elegant and timeless.  All I can say is "French bliss."

A beautiful dining area off the kitchen.  I LOVE the table!  Those windows look identical to French doors... a good way to save some money.

This is beautiful, but I have to say not as practical... the Lacanche is too far away; but I do love how the Lacanche carries the room as its own furniture piece, this is why I love expensive appliances... they are my weakness!

I do love this room... the purple crystal chandelier, the Louis fireplace, the French doors, the soothing color tones, but I'm not crazy about those couches/pillows, they fight the feel of the room.  I would use Velvet or Belgian linen. 

I had to throw in some of my favorite French rooms/elments:

via: Jill Sharpe room

I had to throw this picture in from "Cote Quest." I can't get over the sheep in the corner!

I wish I could see that Louis fireplace...

Ahhhh... velvet!!!

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. The house is wonderful .... to forget the world .... Berta
    I am charmed with your BLOG ..... congratulation ¡ ... and I adore the Provence

  2. Beautiful post Desiree,Villa Stenhuset is a wonderful place. You can find more images and information in his web www.villastenhuset.se.

  3. Hi Desiree-

    This is really random, but I saw your house on Ashlee Raubachs site and about died. SO BEAUTIFUL. I can't even tell you. Also, my husband and I recently (last summer) purchased the house a few doors down from you in stone gate. (We got our landscaping done around the same time as you did yours.) Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. I don't know how you are going to part with such a gorgeous house! I would be tempted (sort of still am... lol) to snatch it from you if we hadn't just purchased ours!! :)

    My blog is private, but you can email me at erinperry (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested in knowing who we are.

    You have such a beautiful eye for decorating. I love looking at the pictures on your blog!


  4. Hi Desiree,

    I found your blog today (through another blog) and was excited to find out that you live in Provo! I live in Salt Lake City! Your house is so amazing and it is incredible that you designed it! I love anything French.....well, anything European, really. Your house looks so breathtaking!
    I thought you might like to see my beautiful art! It is inspired a great deal from things that are French.....just the elegant, rustic beauty of France. My husband and I have a gallery in SL; it's called "Marcel & Florette's Curious Menagerie". Hope you can visit sometime!
    So glad to find your blog!!

  5. Hello
    I just discover your blog through Erin's post
    and I love it.
    Everything is beautiful
    Have a nice day

  6. Looks like I'm following suit with your three previous comments...I just found your blog via House of Turqoise. I, too, am in Utah...up in Davis County. I just had to leave a comment and tell you how much I love what you've done with your house, especially, your amazing dining room and gorgeous Mora clock. You have an amazing eye for design.

  7. Just found you via Erin's post today. Lovely blog and please show us more of your gorgeous home!

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous, just a tiny quibble - dining has one 'n' and it's BelgIAN to describe something from Belgium.

    Otherwise your blog is divine.

  9. These beautiful pictures of Villa Stenudden were published on the web-site of an estate agent last fall here in Sweden, but I'm not sure what happened, if it was sold or not. It's located south on the west cost.
    Anyhow it's a divine house......

  10. Hello Des,
    Stenhuset means stonehouse and located in southern part of Sweden. I posted this awhile ago when my friend who is the estate agent told us that there's a magnific villa for sale.

    I been there to see in their open house and it's really a dreamhouse to death.

    You've got a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Greetings from a frozen Stockholm city

  11. The pictures you posted are again real eye-candy! I love that beautiful house (Stenhuset)!

    You have a wonderful taste!

  12. This is all just fantastic inspiration, the epitome of French chic!



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