Saturday, February 6, 2010

French Home

I love the collection of beautiful antique elements throughout this French home.  An eighteenth-century enfilade is topped with those gorgeous apothecary jars.

If only I could have this combination in my home... I guess I can dream.  The collection of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Italian earthenware rests on an eighteenth-century console.  To top it off, a beautiful Eighteenth-century French landscaping hangs overhead.  Dreamy!!


Look at this wine cellar!  This is a Henry Lepind painting dating back to 1883.  It's perfection!!!

I love the textures and how they play together in this room, the fabric, wood and stone are truly eye candy!  Notice the chairs... they are covered in "marriage sacks."  In nineteenth-century France, family's names were often stamped on burlap grain sacks.  I didn't know this, but grain was considered an ideal wedding gift. 

Notice the steel door in the back, it's the perfect combination with the rock.  The owners of this home went to the extent of transporting stone from a mas (farmhouse) in Provence, France.   Believe it or not, but that lantern on the wall for me adds the perfect touch.  Something so simple can have such a huge impact!  

They call these fireplaces in France Louis XIV limestone cheminees.  Its the perfect focal point for this room.  The ceiling is made from pine planks from Sweden and the beams are from France.  The buffet is Italian.  I love all the global influences in this room.

What a perfect little cupboard!  These pieces are what they call nineteenth-century faience's.

This is a shallow sink once used for making goat cheese in a monastery near Avignon.  Charming!!

I can never get enough of these breadboards.  They remind me of the art of bread making.
These beautiful pictures came from the book "The French Room" by Betty Lou Phillips


  1. desiree, tonight was so much fun! the post on house of turquoise is AMAZING! i can't get over it. i did a little post about it on my blog because all my friends must see it!! you're so talented. love you!

  2. Beautiful posting. I have some of the white faince jars and love them. How amazing would it be to have a cabinet full of them? Thank you for the lovely visuals.

  3. I love these photos, everything french and old with an interesting history - the sink for making goat cheese etc.

    Thank you so much for this insirat

  4. All these photographs are very attractive, Thank you for sharing this post, this is very useful for everyone. People can get some new tips for making a perfect and comfortable living and dinning room, Keep giving updates.



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