Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lisa Luby Ryan

If I get stuck not knowing how to design a room or an idea, the first designers that come to mind are Lisa Luby Ryan and Billy Milner, "How would they design this?" 
I have gone to Lisa Luby Ryan's website over and over trying to get ideas from her and Billy's beautiful store settings.  

Many of you have seen these beautiful images of her own personal home at Christmas time in the "Veranda" magazine.  Billy Milner designed her home and had the incredible inspiration behind those Christmas trees.  Billy also helps with Lisa's store, Lisa will buy the products and then Billy will go in and put his own twist on things.  All I can say they are the perfect combo!   

Her light fixtures are to die for!  She will actually take vintage elements from France and turn them into gorgeous light fixtures.


I love the vintage table and that industrial shelf!

She even carries vintage French limestone fireplaces.

So beautiful!!!

The mercury glass with that table is so dreamy!

Pictured are more beautiful vintage table lamps.  The French/Gustavian elements create the perfect look!

If that's not thinking outside the box... loving the breadboard!!

Lisa and Billy... you're my icons, thanks for all the inspiration!!!
Check out her website here


  1. I do the same thing but with Darryl Carter! He is a master at editing, so when I need to step back and simplify, I ask myself, "What would Darryl do with this room." :)


  2. My Mora clock is arriving this week! I love your photo's, and style. Great inspiration. ~ lulu

  3. Love the breadboard idea. Very lovely post!

    I tagged you for a Best Blog Award, the icon is on my blog, please pass it on.

  4. These rooms are so very lovely...I love the way the French put together those gorgeous neutral tones of taupe and grey and white. It's never boring and is impossibly elegant yet comfortable. I'd kill for so many of those pieces!

  5. Gorgeous rooms....I'm off to check out her website now.

  6. She has an eye for everything I love! I also love scoping out my favorite designers/shops for decorating ideas- it can make you re-look at things you have in such a better light!

  7. Beautiful post! I just found your blog and looking forward to following you.

    Regards from Provence

  8. She just changed some of her pictures on the website today! Beautiful!!

  9. gorgeous! i love those monogram pillows.



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