Saturday, March 19, 2011

... Dreamy

Take a look at this Parisian-inspired bathroom!
I'm in love with how they mixed the marble with gleaming silvery tones; it creates such an elegant Parisian feel.

... not details missed

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. Very nice. Isnt it lovely being swept away by others dreamy creations. Fiona

  2. * Hello, "DA"~ I am so thrilled! I just "found" you, yet once again, and am thrilled... HOW I LOVE YOUR BLOG (but I need to get it thru E-MAIL SIGN UP, as I don't quite understand that "GOOGLE CONNECT" thing... yes, I am pretty much computer illiterate, except for the normal "basics"!)...

    Anyhoooo, I have been going thru MANY of your old blogs, & SO ENJOYING seeing the ol' stomping grounds of my youth... Newport Beach, Balboa Island, Laguna, etc... I was born n' raised there, so it has literally been like "coming home" thru pics...

    Got a great chuckle out of your peeking (okay, it's actually "PEERING"!) thru windows at dusk/dark, as being the house/design lover than I am, I've done that all my life too, STARTING at the beach... brought back so many fun memories & mannnny giggles of fun times...

    This is a SUPER BLOG... until I can subscribe by E-mail, I will just have to come by thru the web... and you can bet I will!!!

    THANK you for a blog that truly "SPEAKS" to me, & actually warms my heart with so many fond memories of a terrific childhood/young adulthood!

    Warmest blessings,
    Linda in AZ *

  3. *** P.S. Love the 5 Crowns too, n' sure would be SO HAPPY if you can share some pics of San Clemente and the wharf!!! Best again, Linda BTW, Is Victor Hugo's still around?***

  4. I love the deep bathtub & the french "his" and "hers" mats! Beautiful rooms!

  5. I love everything about this bathroom and it definetely made me dreamy!!
    Would not mind something like this in the future...because we could use an extra bathroom!
    But to mee...the huge mirror truly sets the mood in this room,as it would in any room!!!! Loooove it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tove,Norway :)

  6. Great inspirational bath since we're about to gut our master bath. The sinks shown above are the ones we've already picked out, love them. Happy Sunday!


  7. Droolyworthy for sure..the colors, the excess of the cool veiny marble, its all so luxurious...a bath you would never want to leave!! So beauitfully done....have a great day!

  8. Totally my dream bathroom! Hope your weekend is going wonderfully! xo



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