Wednesday, March 16, 2011

... Eye Candy!

I know I have blogged about m. elle designs before, but I had to share some beautiful images from their website!   M. elle is a mother-daughter team based in New York City and Newport Beach, California.  They create the perfect space based on understated elegance and comfort.  I get so much inspiration from these images...  truly one of the best teams I have seen!!
... Enjoy!!

Have you ever seen such beautiful rooms full of such creativity?!
The juxtaposition of all elements are perfection!
... genius!


  1. Love the images the interiors are fabulous. And I love your new header, WOW, talk about eye candy!

  2. These are all gorgeous... love the chaise in the first photo! xo

  3. Such beautiful interiors! A rustic elegance.

  4. i want my quartet of built in bunks, and i want them NOW! omg. that pic just kills me. the simplicity and the ladders and the fun memories which are guaranteed in a bunk room like that...

    i love your blog's new look! stunning and delicious.

    have a great weekend, friend!


  5. Hi! So happy to have found your lovely blog...what a beautiful eye candy of a post this was..WOW, one picture as gorgeous as the next. Well done....please visit me, have a newish blog about the building of our home and my love for decor/design.

    PS Am your newest follower!

  6. this is the house of my dreams, the perfect place to pass the rest of my life with my wife and children, tell me who is the person resposible for the design of this house? I need to know the name because, I think that I gonna make a visit.



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